Proofing is a major service provided by Age of Acts as it encompasses so many important features in our clients’ growing careers and work. Because we cover a wide range of industries and type of work, we ensure a full-service scope of advisement that can be tailored to your specific needs. The goal when proofing a client’s work is to determine how we can best enhance and represent the talent and the creator. Often times with creative pieces of all kinds, a second or even third party perspective can be extremely advantageous, especially when coming from our experienced team.

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Clients come to us in all different stages of their creative process and level of experience. Age of Acts’ access to resources and tools will benefit any type or stage of creator you are in. Our promise is to guide our clients in any aspect needed, from an initial idea to the final product. As a beginner or potential artist, we can curate a suitable business plan that encompasses a strategic timeline of creation, development, and exposure. If you are presenting more elements to our firm and have some type of prior experience, but are lacking aspects necessary to advance in your industry or even possibly your work, we can also start from the ground up in order to analyze what you are missing or what can be improved.

If your main priority is currently to grow your repertoire, we have the ability to help you do so. After an analysis of your current position — quantity and quality of works, exposure, agents, outside party interests, etc. — we will be able to determine if you need more elements added or if they simply need editing or enhancements. We fully advise our clients and present them with the best necessary tools and assistance to succeed in their endeavors. 

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When discussing exposure aspects of our proofing services, that includes social media content along with other industry specific exposure. While we can simply assist our client in strategy and curation of a plan for their content, our proofing will allow us to also determine if other services would benefit their brand or are simply necessary if platforms need to be restructured entirely. Our expertise in design and branding will allow us to accurately proof these elements of our clients.