Sharing one’s content in an efficient and proactive way can be a trialing effort for many artists. Through our proven strategies and tactics, we will be able to show present you to public while gradually creating an audience that targets your brand. We want to find you your audience, while helping them find you. With our tools and expertise in promoting and marketing our clients, you will be given all of the necessary elements needed to reach every channel of discovery needed to showcase your work. Not only can we get you to where need to be to be found, but we construct a business plan for how to keep you there.

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As our client, it is our job to understand you as a creator and an individual so that we can accomplish your professional goals. Through our resources and AOA’s personal subscriber based platform, we can tailor your level and type of exposure to meet your needs while also exceeding expectations. After presenting us with your current and original content (creations as well as social media content), we can decide how to adjust the display and adjustments needed to enhance these elements.

While we are here to guide you to any and all channels and resources of exposure, Age of Acts has a place for you right here on our platform. We strive to help develop the future of creative art forms and more specifically the individuals creating them. Within our subscriber community, we give you initial and immediate discovery by being represented by a diverse, innovative, multimedia platform built by FavHer Productions. Your talent can be a part of the next age of artistic discovery.

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Age of Acts’ discovery services can include and involve these resources and elements:


  • Creation of new and updated promotional and advertising materials

  • Curating social media content on all platforms beneficial to the client

  • Outreach to media outlets

  • Implementation of a strategic exposure plan (interviews, rebranding if necessary, increase contacts, appearances, etc.)

  • Evaluate preparedness and options for performing/ showcases *INDUSTRY SPECIFIC *