Securing copyrights for your work is a vital step in advancing your career and should be a priority for any artist or creator. As your advisors, Age of Acts will guide you in how, what, and when to act on this step in your career. From our experience in the creative world and multiple industries we are able to take the proper actions towards necessary steps to grow your career and security of your work is crucial in this process.

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There are three steps needed to acquire copyrights and we are here to advise and assist you in this process.


  • The actual copyright claimant must complete an application form that specifies the work we are aiming to have copyrighted. We will aid in this procedure to ensure all information is accurate and present.


  • Copies of all works requiring copyright actions will be collected and properly packaged if the transaction requires shipment to the physical Copyright office rather than an online application.



  • The form will then be securely sent or filled out to the Copyright Office or Copyright Office website to acquire the rights for your submitted original work.


Age of Acts makes this a simple and worry-free process for our clients as we understand the level of importance around protecting your ideas and future of your career. The average time to obtain the copyright for your work averages three months which is factored in prior to fulfilling this transaction as the length of time can possibly impact other actions that would be able to take in moving forward with your material.

This service includes all and any form of creative works that our clients produce and need rights for. As specialists in advising musical, literary, visual, and athletic artists we are not limited to what assistance and resources we can provide. Our goal is always to allow our clients to remain in control of their work, we simply want to give you the ability to enhance and grow that work.

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beta reading.

Reviewing for the Exam

In our generation tech companies send original versions of their software for beta review. In other words they test their product prior to launch. They know that they must plan ahead and that entails making sure that all i's are dotted and all t's are crossed. No stone will go unturned. Most businesses offer what they refer to as "beta" versions of their programs to make any necessary adjustments for their clientele.

With this in mind creatives such as song writers, authors, and playwrights should always consider accessing a beta reader. This will provide a perspective to how your followers will view your book, understand your lyrics, or interpret your script. This will help to eliminate any irrelevant, confusing, or unnecessary language.  Every single content creator has blind spots. You will not even recognize them as such. We will provide the coverage to those blind spots with the honesty and integrity you need prior to launch. 

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