Age of Acts is aware that your brand is more than your logo and work alone. It is your voice and the way you will generate your audience and connect with them. We provide branding services from helping artists define their identity, development, and rebranding if necessary or desired. Our goal is to allow our clients to remain in creative control of their identity, we simply want to aid in the process of establishing and developing the proper way to showcase what that is.

We understand that as an artist, your goal is that your work, whether it be a script, song, or sculpture, speaks for itself. While this may be true, our job is to allow your work to be communicated properly and reach the best possible audience so that it can be given the acknowledgement that it and you deserve. In helping you create the face of your brand, we need to take steps to be able to effectively expound your message.

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Image by The Creative Exchange

What is your unique selling point? In other words, what does your work offer and have to say? This will be crucial in developing the exterior image of your brand so that it emulates the answer to this question.


What is the mood or theme, if any, to your material? As your advisor in creating an overall brand, we need to grasp the overall tone of your art in order to relay that over to the appropriate audience. This element will allow us to generate effective promotional efforts and personal image exposure for you as an individual and creator.


Be consistent and be authentic. As we have said, our goal is to aid in the production or growth of the identity our clients already have, not to tell them what they should be. Through our branding establishment, development, or rebrand, we help to create the best possible version of an image that reflects your work.

In creative industries, its expected and encouraged to rebrand oneself as time goes on. AOA will not be restrictive to the growth of our clients’ creative process. While some of our clients are aware of personal and professional change and come to us looking for a rebranding plan to enact that, we are also capable of recognizing when it is time to advance a look, sound, or generally your public image after an overall analysis of you as a potential client.

Image by Roberto Nickson