Questions for Our Next Appointment:

• You have developed a list of those that would be interested in your product. Do we simply highlight these industries on the homepage of the website or do we create a "Right Fit" page that explains what services pertain to each industry or do we have a Section titles "Industries" with a page for each category. This option will provide the most content, if we can develop enough content for the pages to not seem dry.

• What do we call the section of the platform that is for Industry Professionals. Is that the title or are you afraid that the potential clients of yours will reference to themselves as Industry Professionals and the element will get lost in translation.


• To be honest, with this new turn, I get lost a little with the Streaming element. I have a lot of notes on this for us to discuss. 

• Pricing - will each service has a tier system of pricing, are their packages available, should pricing be on it's own page or within each section, how transparent do you want to be with this?

• In your developed answers of why do want to solve their problems; do we make a section that is titled "Solutions Driven" with a minimalist design of the questions and answers of how this will be achieved?

• Furthermore I think we can take some of your answered elements and devise a three strep overview called Process. Underneath this header element will be three tabs:

1) Identify - utilizie elements from Pain Points to have the prospective client identify why they are here, and what they are trying to achieve which leads to:

2) Plan - Use elements from "Why do they want to solve this Problem" to create answers or affirmative statements which directly relate to your service offerings.

3) Implement - This is the point where AOA does their magic!

We could create a "Right Fit" quiz for the site. 

Is AOA the right fit for you? The answer is probably yes, but click here to take the quiz. 

This quiz is a submission form which is what we use to build a prospect profile. Upon submission it will trigger a notice to them and you in turn capture the data. We ask simple questions with multi-selections so when you follow up, the discovery process is completed (minus a quick Google search!).

• Product Fit section - I want this to be the WHY AOA on the home page

• The Homepage should have the following sections

- Overview w/ affirmative Statement

- Service offering Overview (simplified)

- Who or what industries we service

- Why AOA

     - This includes a mention of transparent pricing, dedicated staff, single point of         contact, etc.


• Final Thoughts: Should one of your services be: Digital Strategy? Should you offer a free digital audit (basically a discovery but you make it look pretty and send it to them of what their missing)?