our process: AOA's 5 steps to success.

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1. Discovery - During the consultation we will discover how we can assist the creative. Determine their problem and discuss what we can do to resolve it. 


2. Incite - Encourage the creative to start up with one of the service options we provide. Motivate them to sign on with at least one of our monthly subscription options.     


3. Strategy - After discussing what tailor made plan that works best for each creative we will map out step by step a 3 phase plan.


4. Recommendation - We then recommend  3 phases for the creative that will accomplish their specific goals. 


5. Implementation - We begin to implement phase 1-3. Once all three phases are complete we present the finished work to the creative. Once final payment is complete we provide tips prior to offboarding and encourage them to reach out to us if they feel they need additional assistance. 

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