Our Future Is Here.

FavHer Productions is a California-based, Women / Minority owned and lead business with a simple goal: to develop an eclectic multimedia platform providing both established productions, artists, channels, upcoming and underground artists with a voice. We strive to provide both a home and family-friendly community of grassroots along with fan favorites in television, arts, shorts, music, influencer content and faith-based entertainment and services.


From that desire of creating an inclusive and diverse platform arose our name and belief: The Age of Acts. The Age of Acts considers the artist and their craft to be a part of a bigger picture of what is occurring today – from influencing trends in music, entertainment, and commerce to environmental influences on the industry as whole.


The time where it has been difficult to get your film, documentary, music, interviews, shows, or etc on a platform that streams worldwide has ended. A new dawn of family-friendly, captivating entertainment has risen. Welcome to The Age of Acts.


Marly's Vision.

When COVID hit the world stopped, but just because the world stopped doesn't mean the creative stopped being.  In a time like this more creativity is being sparked as these are the situations that birth the best stories, songs, art, etc.  Music shows were cancelled, movies were postponed for production and for distribution unless they were streaming. Artists begin to look for ways online to get their work out and connect. They began doing live shows on platforms like Instagram and facebook with little to no sales generating. What about the independent artist and even the talented newcomer;  they still have hopes of getting their project or work of art in front of an audience.  


This sparked a strong sense of urgency to make an about face as it pertains to the physical location of our production studios. From that point on like a snowball effect, the idea of providing a streaming platform was initiated but not only streaming. My thought was, how else can we get all creatives in a centralized location where their work can in a sense be showcased, where their fans would be able to subscribe and view new content? How can we provide a new aged platform for the entertainment industry that will be trusted and will enable them (the big wigs) to view content and get in contact with us and the artist for a type of collaboration and or business deal. Categories like theatre, podcasts, music artists, actors and actresses, art shows, independent films, documentaries, short films and the list goes on. We could provide an almost endless platform for All creatives to be seen and potentially connected with the entertainment industry the way it should be almost seamlessly, digitally and in line with the current age. 


Neat. So, who is Marly?

Hey, I’m Marly, welcome! For the past 16 years I have been working from the ground up to make my imprint as a creative industry. Many of those years I had no idea what I was doing and no resources that could guide me where I wanted to go without being taken advantage of. I know how it feels to fail. If it were not for an unction deep within me to keep going, I would have given up. Thanks to the many years of research,  trial and error I have been able to determine how I can truly leave an imprint. My desire to help and work with creatives has grown to what you are about to experience here with the Age of Acts. Discovery , Insight, Strategy, Recommendation, Implementation, these are only a few of the positive additions that will be added to you that will help you succeed. I want to help as many creatives as I can to succeed because I remember when no one was there that believed in me. I’m excited to see your dreams accomplished in times of uncertainty. Let us show you how to adapt in these uncertain times.