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Advising creatives in the New Age of Entertainment to be discovered and improve their talents

/ we are advisors.

We provide advice and guidance for your particular sector as a creative. We show you what has worked and give you the tools, resources and connections needed.

We direct creatives to protect their creative piece, music, film, or any creation with the appropriate documentation that will ensure their creation is protected.

/ we are writers.

/ we are developers.

We create a tailor made process just for you. We develop you along with providing branding resources that will expand your creation.


We have been in your shoes. We know the stress and discouragement that comes with a project not making the impact you were hoping for due to the lack of resources or connections. We have the experience as creators. We are now on the other side of defeat and want to show you how to get there.​

Welcome to The Age of Acts.

/ we are a network

of independent professionals.